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Albendazole Manufacturers

Rakshit Pharmaceuticals Limited is an eminent manufacturer and supplier of key APIs to the global pharmaceutical industries. Its major key strategies are innovation, trust, and speed and its main motto is to become the leading manufacturer and supplier of APIs. It is a knowledge-driven company, considers its customers as its major assets and it majorly focuses on research and development.

Rakshit Pharmaceutical Limited is a well-renowned company for Albendazole Manufacturers in India. Albendazole is commonly used to treat many deadly infections but it is mainly used to treat infections caused by worms. There are various albendazole manufacturers in India. Amongst them, Rakshit Pharmaceutical Limited is considered one of the prominent albendazole manufacturers. Apart from being prominent albendazole manufacturers in India, it also produces various quality products such as Azathioprine, Cinnarizine, etc.

The albendazole manufacturers of Rakshit Pharmaceutical Limited are spread across the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. It has 4cGMP facilities located in Hyderabad and Vishakapatnam from where it delivers its services to its customers. Also, their products are delivered with defined costs and schedules to the various industries. The albendazole manufacturers of Rakshit Pharmaceutical Limited are manufactured with perfection and precision. Apart from that, it also researches as it will help in making the necessary improvements and can lead to the growth of manufacturing/producing quality products for its customers.

Rakshit Pharmaceutical Limited established in 2020 not only manufactures top-quality products but also follows the necessary regulations to ensure the safety of its products. The albendazole manufacturers of Rakshit Pharmaceutical Limited also focus on creating innovative products for manufacturing superior medical products for its customers.