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Triclabendazole Manufacturers in India

Triclabendazole Manufacturers in India - Product Description

Triclabendazole Manufacturers in India

Rakshit drug is one the Triclabendazole Manufacturers in India. Triclabendazole is effective drug for treating diseases which is called as Fascioliasis which are mainly effective in domestic animals e.g. Sheep , goats, dogs However it should not be used for dogs , cats , pigs or poultry. We are Triclabendazole Manufacturers in India and this is good veterinary medicine which fight against liver diseases which is found in sheep, goats, dogs and soon.

Our company is offering high quality Triclabendazole to ensure its treatment values to the customers. Further its manufacturing is done under qualified pharmacists and we ensure that it is highly effective & safe veterinary drug. Its composition structure is very much accurate and also binds specific proteins that’s why it is highly demanding. Triclabendazole Manufacturers in India, they are delivering to our valued clients under optimum packaging material that avoids the loss of physical and medical properties.

Molecular formula of Triclabendazole :C14H9Cl3N2OS

Synonym of Triclabendazole: 5-Chloro-6-(2, 3-dichlorophenoxy)-2-(methylthio)-1H-benzimidazole

Uses of Triclabendazole:

Treatment of Fascioliasis in domestic animals and has high effect on:

  •  Goats
  •  Dogs
  •  Cattle
  •  Sheeps

Features of Triclabendazole

  •  Highly effective
  •  Precise pH range
  •  Accurate composition
  •  Long shelf life

Business type of Triclabendazole Manufacturers in India Company : Manufacturer;

Areas covered by Triclabendazole Manufacturers in India Company : All over India;