Welcome at Rakshit

Rakshit is an integrated APIs & Drug Intermediates manufacturer based in Hyderabad, India. Our business is purely manufacturing and marketing of APIs with main focus to deliverables on commitment. Rakshit, your dependable partner of choice for consistency of high standards in service & quality of products.

Rakshit is also a dependable choice for custom synthesis and contract manufacutring & toll manufacturing. Fusce imperdiet euismod eros. Nullam et justo id tortor malesuada varius.

Research & Development
Thanks to its continual process innovation ability in the existing products, Rakshit has established itself as the largest producer of Sildenafil Citrate with unmatched quality levels. 


Qualtiy & Regulatory
Rakshit has infrastructure and an experience team in its quality and regulatory department who have been ensuring strict control for maintenance of quality
 Reaction Capabilities
* Acetylation
* Friedel Crafts Reaction
* Catalytic Hydrogenation
* Grignard Reactions
* Oxidation
* Phase Transfer Catalyst Reaction
* Esterification
* Halogenation
* Condensation
* Nitration
* High Vacuum Distillations
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